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Let the fun begin!

"Animal training is simple but not easy"

~Dr. Bob Bailey

Identify your dog's motivators

Puppy Project

Teach your puppy life skills and build a positive relationship to avoid problem behaviors from as early as day one.

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Behaviour Reboot

iPaw specializes in One-on-One training suitable for anyone including those with busy lifestyles and/or specific agendas.

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Reactivity Restart

Reactivity is not always aggression, but can escalate to it. Most aggression is rooted in a dog's desire to put some distance between themselves and whatever they view as a threat... [credit to Victoria Stillwell]

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Strengthening the Bond

Food Matters

Do poor quality foods tend to have more 'filler grain products'? Yes. They can affect a dog's attitude or behaviour. They rrrrr what they eat!

Understanding Your Dog

Do you know your dog's breed and its intended purpose? Learn to satisfy its instincts. Find out about age factors and energy levels.

Dog Care

Does your dog have bad breath? Nails too long? Doesn't like to be handled? We can help desensitize.

Reward, Reward, Reward!

What motivates your dog? Rewards can come in various forms and may change over a dog's life.

Your Best Friend

Is your dog a recent rescue? Adopted? You may qualify for a discount...

Who is iPaw?

Establised in 2007; Dee Morita (Animal Behavior College & Canine First Aid certified) and Nori Morita (Assistant) roam Burnaby, Vancouver & New West.

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